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JavaScript has been turned off in the browser. Please turn it on. How can I do this?.

What is JavaScript and what is it used for?

It is a script language used mainly to create scripts of browser behaviour. It can be used to animate a page (make it interactive), and solve problems that cannot be solved through html/css.
It is important that JavaScript is switched on on your computer, though it may not always be necessary.

How to enable JavaScript in browsers:

Internet Explorer

  1. Start up your browser;
  2. Select Internet Options; in the Tools menu
  3. Go to the Security tab and click Additional;
  4. In the Active scripts option, select Allow;
  5. Save the changed settings.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Start up your browser;
  2. Select Settings in the Tools menu
  3. Select the Contents section on the upper panel;
  4. Tick the box Use JavaScript;
  5. Save the changed settings.

Google Chrome

  1. Start up your browser;
  2. Click on the spanner icon on the upper right side and select Settings;
  3. Go to the Additional settings tab and click Content Settings;
  4. Tick the box Allow all sites to use JavaScript;


  1. Start up your browser;
  2. Select Settings in the Tools menu
  3. Go to the Contents; tab
  4. Select Switch JavaScript on;
  5. Save the changed settings.


  1. Start up your browser;
  2. Click on the gear icon on the top right and select Settings;
  3. Click the Security button
  4. Tick the box Switch JavaScript on.

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